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Rebrand + Modernize to Generate Sales


Exact Plumbing has been successful for more than a decade, serving Sonoma County and building a base of very satisfied customers. It was in the desirable position of being able to choose what type of client it would serve and leave the rest -- but its visual identity needed an update to go with its innovative practices. Exact hired Branded by EQ to help identify a position that would set it apart and allow its customers to self-select through a shared sensibility.

EQ's Solution:

  • Brand Strategy: Exact is beyond plumbing, it is an integrator of your home's systems -- a long-term relationship that will help you make the most of your investment

  • Logo/Identity/Website: Clean, clear, imagery and verbiage that respects the customers' time and speaks to the customers' needs

  • SEO: disciplined titles, descriptions, and relevant keywords to be sure Exact is found for relevant searches

Exact Logo before & after:


A thriving business with a more sophisticated feel and messaging that elevates them in the industry. Tagline becomes the calling card, signature, and attitude.

"It speaks to exactly what customers are looking for. I love the look, it feels like us ... I am already receiving more phone calls with the new site"

-- Owner, Zach Peterson

Success Stories
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