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Why Excellent Quotient: Part II - Educate

​​Hopeful you took a look at our first installment of our series Explore – getting to your brand values and core offering.


#2 in the series is Educate – communicating the proof of your concept…  





Truly efficient and effective marketing

must be Excellent at every customer touch-point.


In this 5-part series, we explain what it is to #BeExcellent and how we help small and growing business optimize their Excellence Quotient – to attract (and keep) their ideal clients for long-term success.


Find Your Excellent

It is imperative to evaluate, strategize, and implement practices that optimize the Excellence Quotient at each stage and collectively:

·        Explore your Brand Values and core offering

·        Educate the market on your Unique Position, Competitive Difference

·        Engage the customer using the right tactic in the right media at the right time

·        Execute the sale with outstanding customer service and delivery

·        Evolve based on customer needs and the shifting market


Educate the market on your Unique Position, Competitive Difference

Translate and communicate Brand-level Messaging maintaining the Brand’s attributes, values, and voice:

  • Unique, unassailable Position – what does it mean to each of your targets?

  • Competitive Advantage – measure your position vs. the competitions by segment

  • Core Messages and support -- what are the proof points/by segment/by competitor


Differentiate through corporate, company, sales, and marketing strategies/tactics. Re-visit and adjust all of the company’s objectives, strategies and tactics based on Brand Values and Core Messaging. 


The Tools

  • Target Segmentation and definition

  • Naming and naming conventions

  • Service Concepts


The Discipline

  • Business Plans, Marketing Plans, Sales Plans

    • Objectives, Strategies, and Tactics


Communication of your succinct Brand Strategy should cascade through your organization from executives to teams and support staff – this can be a pitfall

Often important decisions are made and not well understood down ranks – yet those are the very people that wind up touching your customer most! 


The Results

  • Brand Identity, logos, descriptors


  • Corporate language changes/inclusions:

    • Industry: Press Releases, Bogs, Articles

    • Customer Communications: Direct Response, Email Marketing, etc.

    • Prospecting/Community: Advertising, Social Media, Promotions, Incentives


  • Business practice/service changes/inclusions

    • Every touch your audiences has with you


  • Well-educated, well-armed inspired employees:

    • Corporate Communications

      • Annual Report, training/HR documents, boilerplate for PR, partners, agencies

    • Market-facing communications

      • website, media/social “about” sections and profiles

    • Packaging/fulfillment

    • Collateral and Promotions

    • Selling & Distribution

      • Sales presentations/resources, channel tools, customer service/point-of-sale

      • Customer-facing communications: press, advertising, direct mktg, social media


Depending on the type and size of your business there may be more or less to the list above -- but this is a place to start your checklist.


Look for our next installment: ENGAGE


See these theories in practice at

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