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Branded by EQ brings the rigor of proper business, branding, and marketing practices to attract the right kind of clients for long-term success. We are a business consulting and marketing services company built on the experience of principal Ashley Matchett Woods, a veteran in branding, marketing, and sales for 30 years.  She manages the core team and brings in domain expertise as needed.

EQ makes industry-best branding and marketing attainable to growing and specialty businesses

EQ is skilled in all media and creative execution — from Strategy, to Messaging, to Implementation and Measurement.  In addition to saving money, our intimate team short-cuts the process and eliminates lost knowledge as it moves down-stream. The work that you see on our site was researched, strategized, and created by the same team that will work with you. 


The EQ Advantage:

  • Decades of experience, knowledge and creativity found in traditional agencies without the burden of costly overhead

  • Nimble, responsive team focused on delivering intelligent, effective work

  • Perspective of global brand building - strategic thinking grounded in understanding execution, and execution reflective of the big picture

Ashley Matchett Woods
Owner, Strategist
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Ashley created brand strategies and integrated communications for some of the world's largest companies like Cisco Systems, Sun Microsystems, and Sony as an advertising agency executive, corporate officer and independent consultant. In 2006 Ashley chose to pursue her entrepreneurial dream, opening a specialty retail store. She simultaneously operated Branded by EQ, helping equestrian businesses grow and succeed. Missing the pace and variety of the mainstream marketing world, Ashley spun-off Branded by EQ as an independent entity where she can service a variety of businesses, bringing all of her experience and insight.
Owner Ashley Matchett Woods
Peaches Dubé
Director of Marketing
Working with EQ for the past 12 years, Peaches touches all of the work EQ produces. With a degree from UC Berkeley in the discipline of marketing theory and practice, she has worked hands on to build and evolve her skill set. She has an innate acumen for strategy and a natural eye for creative. Versed in design theory and communications, she produces innovative and compelling designs. She is our resident expert and consultant on all online media planning and implementation. As the Marketing Chair of the Junior Board of Big Brothers Big Sisters, Peaches offers marketing and design services for a cause that is close to her heart. 
Owner Ashley Matchett Woods
Jody Werner
Creative & Design
Jody has collaborated with Ashley for a decade, designing all of the agency's work for clients of all kinds. Primarily leading on design, she is a concept creator and is an accomplished copywriter -- an unusual and valuable combination.  Versed in print advertising, catalog, digital and large format communications, Jody is adept at binging concept to reality.


Away from EQ, Jody is a humorist with recurring published articles and cartoons for lifestyle publications.

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