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Truly efficient and effective marketing must be Excellent at every customer touchpoint. EQ will assess, strategize, and implement practices that optimize your Excellence Quotient.
Excellence at every customer touchpoint
Businesses look to grow through marketing – a new site, a print campaign, social media, etc. But these are tactics -- the key is strategically identifying attributes that differentiate the business against others – and then communicating them.  The start to the Excellence Quotient is strategy for brand-level messaging ...
Explore the Market

Investigate the 4 critical drivers for assessing your position:

  1. Industry Trends

  2. Target Perceptions and Needs

  3. Competitors' Strengths and Weaknesses

  4. Company Strength and Weaknesses, Culture, and Offerings


Qualitative & Quantitative Research yield Strategic Imperatives:

  • Interviews with executives, influencers, and peers

  • Focus Groups and One-on-one Interviews

  • Surveys and Questionnaires

  • Media Analysis: current content available or in-market, as well as on Social Media

Explore the Market
Explore Your Brand

Craft Brand-level Messaging:

  • Unique, unassailable Position

  • Competitive Advantage

  • Core Messages and support

  • Brand Character: attributes, values, and voice

Differentiate through corporate, internal, sales, and marketing strategies and tactics:

  • Business Plans, Marketing Plans, Sales Plans

  • Executive Coaching

  • Naming and naming conventions

  • Brand Identity, logos, descriptors

  • Product development, concepting

  • Financial planning, COGS modeling, pricing

  • Target Segmentation and definition

Educate the Market
Educate the Market

Target the right customer using the right tactic in the right media at the right time

  • Media Planning and buying, implementation

  • Press releases, authoring

  • Advertising in print, online, social media, outdoor, point-of-sale, event

  • Content Marketing online, email, blog, contributing, social media publishing

  • Website architecture, design, implementation, shopping cart, SEO

  • Social media best practices, integration, ROI

  • Contests, promotions, and couponing to incite trial

Engage Your Target
Engage Your Target

Live the brand with outstanding customer service and delivery -- make customers your best brand ambassadors

  • User interface and online customer experience

  • Packaging, event/physical customer experience

  • Promotional programs, customer loyalty, rewards, and incentives

  • Sales training, channel partner communications/co-op

  • Sponsorships and spokesperson programs

Execute the Sale

Observe, assess, and improve based on customer needs and the shifting market.

  • Pre- and post-campaign studies

  • Analytics setup, analysis, implications/recomendations

  • Campaign Evolution

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