Truly efficient and effective marketing must be Excellent at every customer touchpoint. EQ will assess, strategize, and implement practices that optimize your Excellence Quotient.
Businesses look to grow through marketing – a new site, a print campaign, social media, etc. But these are tactics -- the key is strategically identifying attributes that differentiate the business against others – and then communicating them.  The start to the Excellence Quotient is strategy for brand-level messaging ...
Explore the Market

Investigate the 4 critical drivers for assessing your position:

  1. Industry Trends

  2. Target Perceptions and Needs

  3. Competitors' Strengths and Weaknesses

  4. Company Strength and Weaknesses, Culture, and Offerings


Qualitative & Quantitative Research yield Strategic Imperatives:

  • Interviews with executives, influencers, and peers

  • Focus Groups and One-on-one Interviews

  • Surveys and Questionnaires

  • Media Analysis: current content available or in-market, as well as on Social Media

Explore the Market
Explore Your Brand

Craft Brand-level Messaging:

  • Unique, unassailable Position

  • Competitive Advantage

  • Core Messages and support

  • Brand Character: attributes, values, and voice

Differentiate through corporate, internal, sales, and marketing strategies and tactics:

  • Business Plans, Marketing Plans, Sales Plans

  • Executive Coaching

  • Naming and naming conventions

  • Brand Identity, logos, descriptors

  • Product development, concepting

  • Financial planning, COGS modeling, pricing

  • Target Segmentation and definition

Educate the Market
Educate the Market

Target the right customer using the right tactic in the right media at the right time

  • Media Planning and buying, implementation

  • Press releases, authoring

  • Advertising in print, online, social media, outdoor, point-of-sale, event

  • Content Marketing online, email, blog, contributing, social media publishing

  • Website architecture, design, implementation, shopping cart, SEO

  • Social media best practices, integration, ROI

  • Contests, promotions, and couponing to incite trial

Engage Your Target
Engage Your Target

Live the brand with outstanding customer service and delivery -- make customers your best brand ambassadors

  • User interface and online customer experience

  • Packaging, event/physical customer experience

  • Promotional programs, customer loyalty, rewards, and incentives

  • Sales training, channel partner communications/co-op

  • Sponsorships and spokesperson programs

Execute the Sale

Observe, assess, and improve based on customer needs and the shifting market.

  • Pre- and post-campaign studies

  • Analytics setup, analysis, implications/recomendations

  • Campaign Evolution