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Redefine Services to Improve Customer Experience


Sport Psychologist, Dr. Carrie Wicks, was in need of an updated presence along with a mobile-optimized website and effective marketing materials and business assets. She also needed help prioritizing and structuring her offering. Solution:

Branded by EQ began by establishing business priorities, target refinement, and a product-izing of services. After our research and assessment, we discovered an opportunity to tailor the messaging to potential and current customers. We adjusted the conversation to educate on Carrie Wicks' unique offering.

What we did & how we did it:

  • Defined offering and competitive advantage through Business Consulting & Brand Strategy/Messaging

  • Enhanced and unified digital experience through website, social media, and content marketing

  • Improved content strategy and user experience through multi-media business papers, promotional templates, and presentations


A consistent and professional look and feel across both print and online platforms. Increased conversion from interest to sale.

"Ashley empowers me to find my voice about my work and connect with more clients than anticipated. I thought I was going to work with EQ for a single project but have established an ongoing relationship to attain all my goals. I highly recommend EQ for branding, visioning, and ongoing promotions for any business"

-- Dr. Carrie Wicks

Success Stories
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