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News From EQ: Maximize Engagement with Threads

Meta's new Threads platform caters to the creation of authentic conversations via short-form, casual content. With no paid ads on the platform, genuine connection and public dialogue are at the forefront.

Threads surpassed 10 million users in just seven hours after its release - a milestone that took Instagram and Twitter 355 days and 780 days, respectively to reach. Early data also shows the overall average engagement from branded content on Threads receives around 8x the normal tweet engagement. If you already use Instagram for your business, Threads is a relatively easy and worthwhile addition to your social media mix.

What does this mean for your business?

Increase Brand Visibility: Take advantage of the opportunity to grow awareness for your small business. Brand awareness leads to trust and increased brand salience -- being top of mind as potential customers make purchase decisions. Early Threads adopters will gain a head start in building their followings and benefit from the hype surrounding the release of the new platform.

Create Dialogue & Ask Questions: Start by introducing yourself and the story behind your business. Think about what conversations you want to be having and ask those questions. Inviting your audience to engage directly with your content will cultivate a sense of community. Building rapport with customers fosters brand loyalty while providing utility support for your product or service. Repost content that relates to your business to draw attention and tap into the latest trends and news relevant to your niche. This is the platform for utilizing personal stories and experiences to make your posts more relatable and authentic.

How to set up your Threads profile:

  1. Log into your business Instagram account on your mobile device

  2. Download the free Threads app on that same device and choose "Log in with Instagram"

  3. Click "Import from Instagram" on the profile screen and make any changes needed

  4. Select "Public profile" to maximize exposure and lead generation for your business

  5. Follow the same accounts that you currently follow on Instagram and click "Join Threads"

Branded by EQ can help!

Engaging content means you’re more likely to connect with your ideal client. Don’t hesitate to contact EQ for a Content Marketing & Communications Consultation. We can audit your current efforts, brainstorm content possibilities, or create a Content Marketing Plan.


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