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News From EQ: Make the Most of Instagram Shopping

Instagram Update: How to perform on Instagram Small Business

Last month Instagram announced a critical update for small businesses -- making product tagging available for all users in the U.S. Now users, not just creators or brands, may tag a product on their published feed posts.

What does this mean for your business?

Build Awareness Through Brand Ambassadors: Increase word-of-mouth advertising, tapping those that already use and love your products. Reach out to loyal customers and enthused potentials who may enjoy your offering. You don't necessarily need a formal ambassador program to build an engaged base organically.

Engage Your Audience to Refine Your Niche: Nowadays, long-term growth on Instagram depends on your understanding of niches and your ability to pivot as your niche evolves over time. Read and respond to comments and listen candidly to what is being said about your brand in online conversations. Keep your page consistent through each post's look and feel and adapt where/when needed.

How to implement product tagging:

  1. Create a post on the Feed: Click the + icon on the top right corner of your home feed and tap Post to start creating your feed post. Upload a photo you want to add a product tag to and hit Next in the top right corner. (Video is currently not supported)

  2. Tag the Brand: Tap "Tag people," and first search and tag the brand. Two options ("People" & "Products") will appear at the bottom. Tap "Products"

  3. Tag Products: Tap your photo to start tagging products, using descriptions to find the product and specify style/color. When you are done tap to add a tag.

  4. Publish: Share the post on your feed.

Instagram is working on enabling this feature for stories in the near future, but for now, product tagging is only available for posts to the feed.

Branded by EQ can help!

With Instagram now recommending new topics/accounts that users are not yet following, branded content means you’re more likely to connect with your ideal client. Don’t hesitate to contact EQ for a Content Marketing Consultation. We can audit your current efforts, brainstorm content possibilities, or create a Content Marketing Plan.


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