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Stories vs Reels vs IGTV: Your Guide to Video Content

The latest shift in Instagram’s business objective and algorithm makes video, entertainment, and E-Commerce paramount in performing on the platform.

Stories: What are they and when to use them?

Instagram Stories are designed for photos and brief (read < 15 seconds) videos. They allow you to connect with your current audience and are perfect for showing off the people and passion that sets your business apart.

Use Stories for:

  • Promoting Grid Posts

  • Business Updates

  • Polls, Q&A, etc.

  • Funny/Heartwarming Content


Reels: What are they and when to use them?

Instagram Reels are designed for short-form (read < 30 second) video clips. You can film yourself directly on Instagram, add filters, and splice clips together. While Instagram Stories are typically only seen by your existing followers, Reels are promoted to potential followers. Reels are the key tactic for increasing reach on the platform.

Use Reels for:

  • Short Behind the Scenes Clips/ Time-lapses

  • Quick Tips & Tricks

  • Simple Product Showcases

  • Succinct Tours


IGTV: What is it and when to use it?

IGTV is designed for long-form (read > 1 minute) videos. Because IGTV does not provide in-app editing features, an external video editing app (think iMovie) is needed. While Instagram Reels only provide insights on public analytics (views, likes, comments), IGTV provides more detailed insights (public analytics as well as shares and saves). Use IGTV to show your point of view, position yourself as expert, and become a resource for users.

Use IGTV for:

  • Interviews/ Q&As

  • Creating a Series

  • Detailed Product/Line Showcase

  • Telling a Story


Branded by EQ can help!

With Instagram now recommending new topics / accounts that users are not yet following, branded content means you’re more likely to connect with your ideal client. Don’t hesitate to contact EQ for a Content Marketing Consultation. We can audit your current efforts, brainstorm content possibilities, or create a Content Marketing Plan.


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