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Adapt to a Changing Market & Pivot Business Offering


Nimbus Bodywork once focused equally on equine and human practices and had established a strong clientele over the past decade. As the world emerged from COVID, Belinda experienced a need and desire to focus on Osteopathic body work and support to of her human-facing practice. Her business, messaging, and marketing presence needed to shift.


Website Design, Architecture, and Messaging: EQ started with an abbreviated brand assessment before starting work. The core brand assets remained but the website (the chief vehicle for educating prospects and positioning Nimbus) needed an overhaul from the ground up.

  • Leverages modernized brand identity and business messaging

  • Serves credentials and information in a digestible manner

  • Builds trust and confidence through testimonials


Nimbus has grown to the point that Belinda is turning business away (referring to other practitioners) and most importantly her clientele is principally high-value, highly desired patients.

“EQ helped make my business what it is today – I get compliments on my site all the time – most importantly the people who do book are the right kind of client for me”

– Belinda Burnside


Success Stories
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