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Small Brand Becomes a Big Player

Challenge:, a boutique vintner in the coveted Chalone AVA, needed to differentiate and drive preference in the very crowded wine growers' market filled with larger/established players. With little distinction among competitors' claims, it was imperative to educate the market on the unique brand story to generate awareness and drive loyalty of current customers.


EQ executed its Brand Strategy Development process and then Marketing Strategies and Tactics to leverage's strong reputation and the owners' 40+ years of experience delivering excellent grapes. Focusing on creativity, collaboration, and the appeal of organic farming, EQ developed a compelling position to drive demand for winemakers as well as end customers.

What we did & how we did it:

  • Determined's competitive advantage for strategic re-positioning vs. other options through in-depth market research and interviews.

  • Crafted a strong Brand Strategy built upon 3 critical pillars that are uniquely Partnership - Heritage Vines - Unique Terroir

  • Built a Message Platform in language that simultaneously educates the target and reflects the creativity, collaborative nature, and natural yet artisan aspects of

  • Expressed Rodnick's unique Brand Character -- artisanal, sophisticated, and grounded in nature -- thru a refined Identity System and Brand Guidelines.

  • Refined the logo and created a new visual portfolio -- including the owner's own sketches as design elements.

  • Created accessibility of information with a fully responsive, mobile-friendly, and rich-in-backlinks website that creates demand from both winemakers and wine buyers. Website Concept before: Website after: Logo Color Refinement:

Results: is well-positioned in this crowded market by creating value and differentiating itself from well-established competitors. Thanks to a clever and coherent marketing mix, demand grew and leads increased.

"Thank you so much. The website is great! It is unique and

very personal to our operation. You are a very creative and skilled group.

We are swimming in the big river now and you have gotten us there."

- Janet Rodgers & Kurt Gollnick, Owners


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