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Localized Promotion for Event Series


Sanbar Dressage and resident trainer, Riana Porter, were to host clinic series alongside the Sonoma County CDS with a limited marketing budget and low awareness of Porter's expertise/ability to teach.


EQ developed a promotional strategy to simultaneously showcase Riana Porter Dressage as an expert and Sanbar Dressage as the ideal setting for competitive dressage horsepersons. Event promotion focused on leveraging the local community and enhancing exposure to RPD/Sanbar positioning as well as adding goodwill to both the RPD and Sanbar brands by “donating” clinic time and efforts to the Sonoma County CDS.

What we did & how we did it:

  • Implement a 3-phased social, online, and email marketing campaign from Sanbar/RPD to be utilized and expanded through the Sonoma Chapter CDS reach on various online platforms.

    1. Phase I: Save the Date and Early Bird Registration to create awareness, drum up interest, and incentivize early sign-up while leveraging Porter's recent Gold Medal and Sanbar's ideal location.

    2. Phase II: Position and message on RPD value and differentiating point of view --"The Conversation" as the patient approach of listening and observing, a process rather than a destination.

    3. Phase III: Create urgency and excitement as the event approaches. Shift focus to audit offering for investors and last-minute participants.

Develop event-specific branding as well as compelling content, copy, and program assets to provide a sampling of the RPD point-of-view and Sanbar experience while speaking to target needs.

  • Utilize landing page and integrated email campaigns to showcase long-form messaging/value and relevant information (agenda, FAQ, etc.)

  • Capitalize on social algorithms, paid ads, and event marketing to showcase short-form messaging/value and expand local reach.


Full, successful clinic as well as increased awareness for Sanbar Dressage and Riana Porter Dressage --- A 166% increase in Traffic to the Sanbar Dressage website including a 95% increase in New Visitors and a 194% increase in Unique Visitors.



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