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Launch New Business in Crowded Space -- During COVID


New equestrian training business, Anderson Equestrian, was entering the crowded horse training space at an established and heavily populated facility. Principal, Lindsay Anderson was relatively new to Northern California and the market had little awareness of her achievements -- or the business services. AE wanted to boost its position as a reputable barn and training program -- with a unique competitive advantage -- and was aiming to launch at beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in Winter 2020!


Before any creative execution, EQ focused on creating a strong Brand Strategy, Positioning, and Message Platform -- beginning with the critical customer, peer, and target interviews. Our in-depth research revealed that Anderson Equestrian's values are the cornerstone of its success. This led to #SeriouslyInspired - a new brand position to convey the conscious riding approach and positive education that provides the foundation of the Anderson Method.

What we did & how we did it:

  • Communicated value proposition through strategic messaging

  • Increased brand visibility through incorporating a consistent look, feel, and tone across various channels

  • Strong representation of the new AE look launched at the Thermal winter circuit -- horse gear, rider apparel, car wraps and decals, and a distinct aesthetic

  • Redefined perception in the marketplace with integrated communications

Anderson Equestrian: sophisticated Identity System comes to life through color


Strategic messaging to communicate brand value proposition allowed Anderson Equestrian to increase its visibility in the market and differentiate itself from competitors. Following the launch, AE has gained clients -- and let some go that did not fit with the vision of the business -- and continues to grow with the right kind of client.

"I could not have launched my business without Branded by EQ. They are consistently professional and creative, which made the brand and marketing introduction a smooth and enjoyable process.  They are truly full service — I am able to focus on clients and my core competency — not learning how to be a marketer. I highly recommend Branded by EQ for any new business."

- Lindsay Anderson, Owner

"I've seen that logo everywhere [at Thermal] - I love it"

- Fellow Professional Trainer


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