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Rebrand to Demonstrate Competitive Edge


Bonehemian Wags, a skillfully managed dog training and pack-walking service, needed to differentiate in the hot new category against less-qualified competitors. Clients clearly saw the difference when observing BoWags in action - but how to translate that to a broader audience online to increase leads and grow their customer base? Solution:

EQ executed a complete rebrand for Bonehemian Wags - Brand Strategy, Identity and Marketing Strategy & Tactics. EQ's in-depth assessment yielded the strengths and opportunities that would resonate with the target and created a Brand Character that bridged the online and offline worlds - in language that captured the targets' needs.

What we did & how we did it:

  • Captured the brand's competitive advantage through in-depth market research and a strategic repositioning of the brand vs. other options

  • Created a Message Platform in language that simultaneously educates the target, demonstrates the #BoWags difference, and includes them in the training of their dogs

  • Expressed the brand's unique character thru a refined Logo and Identity System to appeal to the target's heart -- and strategic messaging that satisfied their need

  • Improved accessibility of information with a fully responsive, mobile friendly website that showcases the very active social media -- where clients see their own dogs

  • Educated potential clients on specialized offerings with newly implemented business papers and processes

  • Coordinated and integrated the release of community-building and promotional content through Content Marketing and Social Media Strategies

BoWags Logo & Website before:

BoWags Logo & Website after:


Equipped with a more substantive brand and sophisticated user experience, Bonehemian Wags now provides clarity of their services and their value. Leads were dramatically increased -- most importantly the quality of leads -- turned into new clients.

"Branded by EQ got me on the map by accurately representing BoWags and its offerings. I’m very proud to direct people to the site for information and to get a sense of my qualifications and point of view. Every month I get so many inquiries from the site — and it's the right kind of client — that’s what’s grown my business! The branding process allowed me to express and define my vision. A new staff member even knew to #BoWags and #LearnPlayWag."

- Jessica Gollnick


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