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Increase Value to Investors & Expand in Crowded Space


Kardel Global Equine was quietly sourcing European horses for Americans - a space with many professionals as well as do-it-yourselfers. The principal needed to gain visibility, build authority, and showcase expertise to reflect its expanding influence in the industry.


Before any creative execution, it was crucial to assess and redefine Kardel Global Equine's market position in order to differentiate it from the competition, extend its audience reach, and attract new clients. EQ focused on creating a strong Brand Strategy, Positioning, and Message Platform - beginning with customer, peer, and target interviews.

A highly differentiated advantage was revealed through the research - unlike the typical horse buying experience, Kardel is transparent thru its end-to-end managed process. This provides customers with confidence and convenience in their investment. The sum of the strategy is named #KardelSourced and can be found at

What we did and how we did it:

  • Refined messaging and framework to strategically position the brand -- utilized shorthand identifier #KardelSourced as the organizing principle

  • Increased brand awareness and visibility through professional, customer-success-driven prospecting tools and coordinated business papers (website, SEO, handouts, cards, promotional materials, etc.)

  • Revamped the sales processes and customer service protocols to support the company's growth in the marketplace

  • Integrated Social Media through consistent brand language and relevant imagery

  • Cultivated and develop leads through implementing a dynamic Contact Marketing Strategy

Kardel Global Equine Website before & After:


Greater # of leads and higher lead conversion during launch. Principle armed and coached through highly effective Contact Management program, resulting in more customer appointments and sales.

"Now I'm encountering people that have heard about Kardel Global Equine and actually know what we do! The verbiage and marketing pieces are the tools I need to pique interest and turn prospects into customers."

-- Lauren Kardel, Owner, Kardel Global Equine

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